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Steiner Werft
Industrie Büttenen 11
CH-4203 Grellingen BL
Tel: +41 61 631 14 04
Mobil: +41 77 429 75 42
Mail: info@SWerft.ch

Marcel Steiner
Bootbauer EFZ

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Motorboat with cabin Type: (Hecht) Pike Constructor: Andre Perrottet Bootswerft 1786 Sugiez Registration date: 2001 Length: 5. 80 m Width: 1. 89 m Material: GRP Engine: Yamaha 25 HP Pers. number: 6 Accessories: Div. Price: CHF 12'000.- Description: Fishing boat, tour boat with small cabin and Bimini. Bathing leader, fish finder, Solar panel, radio and various accessories. The engine can be changed into electro-engine. Change to 8 HP, free of charge. (free in Swiss waters. No license requires)   Sold!

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Im Laufental, Schweiz
Zwischen Basel und Biel,
Rhein und Bielersee
CH-4203 Grellingen BL

Rhein, Birs, Aare, Rhone, Rheuss, Linth, Limmat, Inn, Bielersee, Lac de Bienne, Neuenburgersee, Lac de Neuchâtel, Bodensee, Vierwaltstättersee, Zürichsee, Vierwaltstättersee, Genfersee, Thunersee, Zugersee, Brienzersee, Walensee, Murtensee, Sempachersee, Hallwilersee, Lago di Lugano, Lago Maggiore
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CH-4232 Fehren SO
CH-4233 Meltingen SO
CH-4234 Zullwil SO
CH-4246 Wahlen b. Laufen BL
CH-4247 Grindel SO
CH-4252 Bärschwil SO
CH-4253 Liesberg BL
CH-4254 Liesberg Dorf BL